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What the heck is Bar Haiku you're asking?

Well, we were out drinking one night at a local pub when we started to write haiku. Exciting isn't it?

Anyway, we decided to put the results on the web. We plan to add more from time to time, so keep coming back. If you would like to make a contribution to the site, go to the contact page and submit your bar haiku and we'll put it up!

This is how it all started...

We all worked together and one of us (Will) left for another job. As Will has a passion for haiku, we decided to write some to wish him farewell and good luck. He PROMISED he would e-mail us a farewell haiku...which he didn't. Two weeks letter we met up with him and nagged him until he wrote his haiku. And we just went on from there.

Will's farewell haiku
OK, so it's not exactly a haiku...maybe it's just a quote.

We've scanned our haiku (or is it haikus?)
rather than type them in to give you a feeling
of the ambiance that evening.
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